All Mountain Style Clear XXL Frame Protection Kit

  • 4x Larger than standard guards

    1.9x Larger than XL guards

    Great for increased coverage on E-Bikes

    Eradicate frame chips and cable wear on the frame.

    Don't ruin the look of your bike. Improve it.

    Easy to install, even on the trickiest sections

    Will last longer than your bike.

    Designed for universal fitting.

    CLEAR version is perfect for protecting new frames or for protection without visual impact.


ams xxl frame protection kit clear - all mountain style

Wrap it before you snap it

HKT PROTECT is all made in-house at HKT HQ, after years selling frame protection, and listening to the feedback from our customers we have created our new range, designed from the ground up to suit each and every rider. As the famous saying goes 'the devil is in the details' this is a motto we took to heart when developing this range. During development we have tested sample after sample, material after material before we finally settled. We carefully considered the size and shape of each piece to ensure maximum coverage while being mindful of wastage, at the end of the day we all need to try our best to reduce the amount of plastic we consume. We have also ensured all of our packaging is recycleable, not only that we have reduced the size of the packaging, admittedly that means more work for us, but somethings are worth a little effort. The end product is any easy to fit kit, that protects your ride, while being mindful of the environment. Enjoy!


The Lowdown