Ninjaz Masters of Dirt [MOD] Gloves


The Masters of Dirt don't do subtle, loud and proud is the only way for them, so it is no surprise that the MOD glove stands out from the crowd too. All Ninjaz gloves are designed to be tough enough and durable enough to deal with the rigours of MTB, Moto, and BMX.
  • -4 way stretch panels for comfort

    -Double stitched for durability

    -Zig Zag stitching to prevent tears

    -TPR injection mouded logo

    -Neoprene embossed printing for improved fit


ninjaz gloves

Made with pride Ninjaz gloves are design to look good, but more importantly to be tough as hell. Tried and tested by some of the hardest hitting MTB, BMX and MX riders.

The Lowdown