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The Injury Defiance Handbook


Being injured sucks...right? Not only are you missing riding your bike and hangin' with the crew but it can be a lonely, isolating time for most people.

This handbook has been created after a personal injury battle. I (Davi) suffered a laundry list of injuries after a recent mountain bike crash and I was overwhelmed at how many people contacted me to say they were going through something similar or had done in the past. From the hundreds of messages I learnt that it's often hard to know what to do to get healthy again, how motivation can be hard to find and unfortunately depression, loneliness and anxiety can set in.

The Injury Defiance Handbook contains 150 challenges and is broken down into 3 categories to help you stay physically fit, mentally stimulated, push yourself gradually and plenty of time to rest and recover:- 

  • 50 Short Term Goals

  • 50 Medium Term Goals

  • 50 Long Term Goals

I also learned that there aren't many places to turn to for advice when it comes to dealing with injuries. That's why I have set up The Injured Riders Support Group, a Facebook group to share your story, ask for advice and help other people who are currently injured. 

Most importantly I'd love to see/hear your progress. Did you finally conquer that small win, did you get out and ride again or got good news from the doctor?

Please use #HKTinjurydefiance and TAG @thehktpodcast in your posts so we can share the journey together!

Enough reading, hit download and let's work towards getting healthy!

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