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The Winter Defiance Handbook


Winter sucks....right? And let's be honest 2020 has been very unique, stressful and uninspiring to say the least. Throughout the year we've already been told to stay indoors, encouraged to stay away from our family and friends and potentially lost somebody close to us. Now there's less daylight, it's cold, it's wet and motivation is at an all time low. 

That's why we created The Winter Defiance Handbook. It's designed to help raise some winter stoke, motivate people, inspire others and have some fun along the way!

The Winter Defiance Handbook contains 250 challenges and is broken down into 7 categories to help you stay physically fit, mentally stimulated, step outside your comfort zone andplenty of time to get cozy and chill indoors:-

  • 50 Riding Challenges

  • 50 Fitness Challenges

  • 50 Random Challenges

  • 25 Podcast Recommendations

  • 25 Book Recommendations

  • 25 Must Watch Mountain Bike/Action Sports films

  • 25 Iconic Movies

Each week there will be a giveaway that relates to the challenges on our @thehktpodcast Instagram page and we have some special guests setting bonus challenges throughout the winter months too.

Most importantly we want to see/hear your progress. Did you conquer that ride, did you get out and do that run, did you reconnect with an old friend or watch a movie you've never seen?

Please use #HKTwinterdefiance and TAG @thehktpodcast in your posts so we can share the journey together!

Enough reading, hit download and tell your friends to grab a copy.

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