35BIKES SHIMANO XTR M9000/XT M8000/DEORE M615 /M9020 and Lots More


    1. Shimano XTR 2011 onwards M985
    2. Shimano XTR M987
    3. Shimano XTR M988
    4. Shimano XTR M975
    5. Shimano XTR M965
    6. Shimano XTR M9000
    7. Shimano XTR M9020
    8. Shimano XT M8000
    9. Shimano XT M785
    10. Shimano Deore M615
    11. Shimano Deore M6000
    12. Shimano SLX M666
    13. Shimano SLX M675
    14. Shimano SLX M7000
    15. Shimano R315
    16. Shimano R515
    17. Shimano R785
  • Made using a hard wearing organic resin, these brake pads will bed in quickly and provide sharper braking response than sintered pads. Especially suited to lighter riders and more undulating trails Organic brake pads retain more heat than sintered, and transfer less heat to the rotor increasing rotor life. Although only marginally lighter in weight than sintered pads these organic pads are a popular choice for cross country and enduro racing alike.
  • These metallic compound or ‘sintered’ pads provide improved wet weather performance over organic brake pads, and will work more efficiently at the higher rotor temperature caused by heavy and repeated braking. This makes them the ideal choice for riding steep downhill tracks or prolonged enduro missions in rainy weather, when you need it most. Sintered brake pads will take longer to bed in and suit heavier riders as the pads wear less quickly than organic resin pads.

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