Installation Guides

HKT Protect

All our kits are printed on clear high spec vinyls that are designed to fit on low surface energy items like bike frames and forks.

Make sure that your bike is clean and dry, we always recommend that you stay away from solvents and chemicals such as brake cleaner as even the slightest bit of residue can effect the adhesive. Isopropyl alcohol is great just make sure it is 100% dry first.

We always find it easier to apply the the kits in small pieces at a time. trim them down to their individual pieces so they are easier to work with. Apply from the centre and work your way outwards

We find that adding a little heat really helps to get the kits to fit a little better. Using heat from a hair dryer helps the kits to mould into even tight corners. Applying heat to the frame before application helps the the glue spread and bond evenly.

The Lowdown