HKT Protect


Transition Bikes Tellus Guard


Leave the loam on the trails! 

The HKT Protect™ Transition Bikes Tellus Guard helps keeps mud, rocks, stones, loam and dust away from the chainstay area and linkage. The Tellus guard will help prolong the life of your lower pivot bearings so you can do more rippin', and less strippin'!

Each guard comes with 3 cable ties and a small piece of HKT Protect™ frame protection tape to prevent cable tie rub.

This guard will fit the majority of Transition Bikes models including; Scout, Sentinel, Spur, Patrol and Spire.

Why Tellus? Terra Mater or Tellus Mater, is the Mother Earth goddess of the Roman pantheon. Like a true Earth goddess you know she'd want to leave the loam alone. This product is 100% made in Sheffield, UK. Designed in collaboration with Simon Wright. 

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