#106 Sam Bowell

by Davi Birks November 30, 2020

#106 Sam Bowell

For this episode of The HKT Podcast Davi is joined by Rogate Bike Park manager Sam Bowell. Sam is also a founding member of the B1KE organisation who are responsible for managing mountain bike sites across the South of the UK, including Tidworth Freeride, Windhill, Rogate and the S4P dirt jump site.

During this episode we discuss what it takes to be a responsible mountain bike rider and user of the great outdoors. It's no secret that the recent mountain biking/cycling boom has brought with it some difficult challenges, from public liability, litter on the trails and land ownership complications through to trail preservation and how we interact with other outdoor space users.

We both hope this episode acts as a thought provoking conversation and a framework for how the mountain bike community can work together to have a positive impact on our environment. Naturally, we'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the subjects mentioned too...

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Davi Birks
Davi Birks

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