35Bike Ride Sleep Repeat Front Mudguard


Made In The UK

Designed and tested in the heart of Sheffields iconic Wharncliffe woods, simple sleek designs to keep the muck at bay. We have spent a lot of hours, and gone through loads of iterations to find the perfect shape.

  • Tried and tested in the depths of the woods in winter, if there is one thing we know in Sheffield, it is mud, and lots of it. All of our mudguards are made using our own unique shape that has been created over numerous iteration until settling on our final version which strikes a balance between coverage, aesthetics and durability.


35Bikes// From wharncliffe to world cups

35Bikes is a humble Sheffield company, the ethos is simple; make things to last, cut the bulls*!t and don't leave our customers feeling like they have had the sanctity of their bank balance violated. Strong northern values, from a strong northern brand.

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